Violeta is a new sativa/indica hybrid that matures with intense purple and reddish colors. It's the result of crossing 2 purple strains: the mother is the Purple Malawi, a very special expression of purple african sativa, that was pollinated by the best and more colorful Pakistan Chitral Kush indica parental plants. Violeta will conquer you, not only for her beauty and amazing colors. Her unique balsamic/fruity aroma and balanced effect makes her a favourite choice for all kind of growers and gardens.

Product Details
Blütedauer 8 - 10 Wochen
Pflanzenhöhe mittel
Pflanzentyp indica/sativa
Weibliche Samen
Ertrag hoch
THC-Level 15 - 20 %
LED optimierte Sorten ja
Purple Sorten ja
Genetik Purple Malawi x purple Pakistan Chitral Kush
Menge   1 feminisierter Samen (9.00EUR)
  5 reguläre Samen (22.50EUR)
  3 feminisierte Samen (25.50EUR)
  5 feminisierte Samen (40.00EUR)
  10 reguläre Samen (40.00EUR)

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