Rawdawg is an amalgamation of an extremely powerful and narcotic "diesel" mother plant (707 Headband) and an extremely flavorful and disease resistant father (Snowdawg 2). If you grow through a netting or screen (SCROG), this is the hybrid you want. Rawdawg creates large to extra-large yields while continuing to maintain very high potency levels that Alphakronik Genes is known for. Rawdawg has been found to help relieve the symptoms of generalized/chronic pain, anxiety, depression, joint pain/arthritis, lupus,fibromyalgia, and degenerative disc disease. Growing very tall and stretching in flower will be the trademark of this plant. It loves to be topped and supercropped while in veg and will produce gigantic yields if trained properly. 
Product Details
Flowering Time 8 - 10 weeks
Height medium
Type mostly indica
Seed Type
Yield large
Growth Area
THC Level over 20 %
Genetics 707 Headband x Snowdawg 2
Quantity   5 regular seeds (46.50EUR)
  10 regular seeds (81.00EUR)
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