Big Bud Automatic marijuana seeds are a cross between Big Bud and a rare, highly potent ruderalis plant. The result is a autofem variety with massive yields, ideal for a sea of green growing method and any commercial garden. In the final flowering period it is recommended to support the branches, otherwise they would break due to the enormous weight of the buds. Auto Big Bud could also be labeled as s super autoflowering variety because she can grow tall and finishes from seed to bud in 9-11 weeks. Because of it's high resin content and the tremendous yields this strain can have a great medical and commercial value.
Product Details
Blütedauer 8 - 10 Wochen
Pflanzenhöhe mittel
Pflanzentyp indica/sativa ruderalis
Ertrag sehr hoch
THC-Level 15 - 20 %
Genetik Big Bud x Ruderalis
Menge   5 feminisierte Samen (17.50EUR)
  10 feminisierte Samen (30.00EUR)
  50 feminisierte Samen (135.00EUR)
  100 feminisierte Samen (255.00EUR)
  250 feminisierte Samen (600.00EUR)
  500 feminisierte Samen (1,125.00EUR)
  1.000 feminisierte Samen (2,100.00EUR)

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