AKA Auto NYC Diesel: Created by selecting and crossing over several generations we tried to reproduce the classic NY Diesel variety in her feminized autoflowering version. The result is a stable cross between the classic New York Diesel and the great Lowryder #2, that was used in our breeding program for a long time. This project turned out to be a difficult task, since we wanted to reproduce the original grapefruit-pineapple aroma of the original predecessor. After almost 4 years we were satisfied enough with the outcome, a stabilized autofeminized NY Diesel, a pleasant, sticky and aromatic weed. The bouqet is a little more sour than the original but the overwhelming aromatic experience has been greatly reconstructed in this variety. Suited for indoor and outdoor and a must for all NY Diesel fans.
Product Details
Blütedauer 8 - 10 Wochen
Pflanzenhöhe mittel
Pflanzentyp indica/sativa ruderalis
Ertrag hoch
THC-Level 15 - 20 %
Genetik NYC Diesel x Lowryder #2
Menge   5 feminisierte Samen (17.50EUR 15.40EUR)
  10 feminisierte Samen (30.00EUR 26.40EUR)
  50 feminisierte Samen (135.00EUR 118.80EUR)
  100 feminisierte Samen (255.00EUR 224.40EUR)
  250 feminisierte Samen (600.00EUR 528.00EUR)
  500 feminisierte Samen (1,125.00EUR 990.00EUR)
  1.000 feminisierte Samen (2,100.00EUR 1,848.00EUR)

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