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The Skunk Train is a limited edition collection of regular seeds.  The OG #18, Sleestack, and Kandy Kush were all separately crossed with Skunk #1.  Expect multiple phenotypes as these are F1 hybrids that use the original male that was used for the Skunk Line.  It is different than the Lemon Skunk male.  It has been around longer and it is what created the Hindu Skunk, the Thai Haze Skunk, the Original Haze Skunk, and the list could go on.  The collection is sold as a set of three with 10 seeds of each variety in the pack, or each cross is sold separately as a pack of 13 seeds.


The Skunk Train > DNA Genetics
Product Details
Blütedauer 8 - 10 Wochen
Pflanzenhöhe mittel
Pflanzentyp indica/sativa
Ertrag hoch
THC-Level 15 - 20 %
Genetik Kandy Kush x Skunk , Sleestack x Skunk, The OG #18 x Skunk
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Dieser Artikel ist zur Zeit nicht vorrätig   Dieser Artikel ist zur Zeit nicht vorrätig
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