Excalibur from Eva Seeds is a feminized marijuana strain that comes from crossing Diesel x Amnesia, with a 80% sativa and 20% indica genetic composition. This cannabis plant will grow vigorous, well branched and with large leafs. Suitable for all growing media - either hydro, coco or soil - and both indoors and outdoors crops. It is a cannabis plant that requires high nutrient concentrations in both phases of cultivation, growth and flowering. Indoors, Eva seeds recommends a height of about 30-50cm before changing photoperiod to flowering, so we will have a 90-100 cm plant when harvesting. It will be ready for harvest after 60-65 days of flowering, with a high production of buds - even more than 600 g/m2. Outdoors it can reach a height from 1.80 to 3 meters, creating compact buds mainly in its huge main cola. It will be ready for harvest in early / mid October, with a production - depending on the plant size - between 500 and 1000 gr per plant. Its organoleptic qualities stand out for containing scents and flavors of great quality with a sweet and pleasant fresh taste, a balanced mix of fruity and citrus hints. THC levels are high, causing a powerful and long-lasting effect on the user, initially active and electrical but more relaxed as it progresses, with a high psychoactivity at all times.
3rd place in indoor category, Bio Spannabis 2013
3rd place in hash category, Cannabis Canarias Cup 2012
Product Details
Flowering Time 8 - 10 weeks
Height medium
Type mostly sativa
Seed Type
Yield extra large
Growth Area
THC Level over 20 %
Genetics Amnesia x Diesel
Cupwinner 2013
Quantity   3 feminized seeds (25.00EUR)
  6 feminized seeds (47.00EUR)
  9 feminised seeds (70.00EUR)

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