EVA Seeds Papa's Candy Feminized is a crossing between a plant from Laos of very powerful effect and the most beautiful and white Pakistani. The result of this crossing has a rather low, very robust plant, with buds super compact and completely white, cause the tricomas accumulated.  Papa's Candy flavour is sweet and lightly aniseed-flavoured, suitablly for the most demanding palates, and that fills all the senses of an unmistakable aroma. EVA Seeds Papa's Candy Feminized effect is very fast and sweeping, very indical and medicinal. In outdoor growing, is necessary to check excesses of dampness.   The thickness of the buds its cannabis seeds produce is really impressive.  Papa's Candy produces a medium yield and can be harvested in Mid October. It takes between 45-55 days to flower.
Shape: typical christmas tree shape, quite wide and short. Big and thick central bud and way-out resin levels, which turn all buds a white colour. Very compact buds.Effect: basically indica and relaxed, though during the day, it is also very creative with an interesting sativa touch. Very potent.
Smell: sweet, pungent and sticky
Taste: sweet and slightly aniseed-like
Growing media: ground / soil / coco / hydro
Nutritional needs: medium to high during growth, and high during flowering
Papas Candy > Eva Female Seeds
Product Details
Flowering Time 6 - 8 weeks
Height small
Type mostly indica
Seed Type
Yield large
Growth Area
THC Level 15 - 20 %
Genetics Laos x Pakistan
Cupwinner 2009
Quantity   3 feminized seeds (23.00EUR)
  6 feminized seeds (46.00EUR)
  9 feminised seeds (69.00EUR)

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