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In search of a pure medical strain, we turned to the bestsellers of the US medical dispensaries. One of those strains was not only a bestseller for it medical properties, but also as the best tasting variety. A stable multi hybrid of short squat indica's and short sativa's. Seeds were made available to us and turned out to be very easy to grow. So, here we have a very easy to grow incredibly short strain famous for it's taste and effect. And the strange part is that it grows like an indica; short and squat like a Northern Lights, reaching a height of 40 - 50cm, but has lots of sativa smell and flavour. A licourice, flowery, fresh smell with a distant little earthy afghan undertone. Basically, she grows like an indica, but has the characteristics of a sativa. Why Black Sugar?  With temperatures on the low side, flowers turn dark purple-ish/blue-ish and when dried black-ish/purple-ish covered in resin "sugar".
Black Sugar > Female Seeds
Product Details
Época de Floración 8 - 10 Semanas
Altura Corta
Tipo de Planta Índica/sátiva
Tipo Semilla
Producción Alta
Zona de Cultivo
Nivel de THC 15 - 20 %
Variedades Purple ¡Sí!
Cantidad Este artículo no está disponible en el momento.   10 semillas feminizadas (40.00EUR)

Este artículo no está disponible en el momento.   Este artículo no está disponible en el momento.

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