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Many varieties of the same name from many different seed banks. How come?


The number of cannabis seeds banks has multiplied in recent years. A few years ago, most hobby growers were just brand names like Sensi Seeds , Dutch Passion and maybe Green House term, it is now much more colorful on the market of hemp seed producers. Hemp Seed industry flagship companies such as Sensi Seeds are now competing with many other, often lower priced, suppliers of their products often as qualitative as those of the major brands. The old-established producers often complain that smaller providers make use of their product names and cheap & quot; copies & ldquo; Selling. They therefore try to focus on the extraordinary quality and uniqueness of their products, which is partly correct.  Variety names like Jack Herer are world famous, and the inventor of this strain is no doubt Sensi Seeds . So who made an original Sensi Seeds Jack Herer Plant may have, can not help but Sensi Seeds buy cannabis seeds. But that a Super Skunk (originally also from Sensi Seeds ) from for example Bulk Seed Bank is significantly worse, may not be true. The reason for this is found in the feminized seed. The production of feminized cannabis seeds is relatively easy. 

There are a few chemicals that are used in a specific way on the plants. The most important element, however, is a round, female hemp plant that stably blooms and was selected from regular cannabis seeds. Such a genetics can be used to produce reliably feminized marijuana seeds, given the space, time, and knowledge. That's exactly what many of the smaller seed banks do. So if you have the Jack Herer variety, originally from Sensi Seeds , now available as feminized seeds from Bulk Seed Bank will not give you any original Sensi Seeds seeds , At the very least, these seeds go back to the original genetics of Sensi Seeds . On the other hand, similar things apply to many related species such as Jack Plant by Advanced Seeds . According to which criteria the regular plants were selected from the original seeds for the production of feminized seeds, white? alone the breeder. Just try it out: grow it and you will know it!