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Moles spend most of their lives underground, where they dig through the ground and feed on insects. Moles prefer nutrient-rich, wet soils as many of their favorite foods are found in them. There are 50 different species of mole, but there is only one in Europe.
Moles do not eat cannabis plants or their roots, as some may believe. The damage they cause comes from tunneling. The roots can dry out and die in these tunnels, resulting in slower growth and interrupted nutrient absorption.
The best way to identify moles is by looking at their molehills, but seeing them yourself is not so easy due to their underground way of life. They usually have gray fur and are quite small, around 10 to 20 centimeters in size and 60 to 120 grams in weight.
If there is a problem with moles destroying garden beds, an underground fence can be built half a meter to a meter below the surface. The minimum distance between the fence and the next hemp plant should be half a meter. Conventional plastic bottles connected with a wire and inserted into the ground around the grow are cheap and effective.
Castor oil smoke bombs are a surefire way of getting rid of moles. You put the smoke bomb in a freshly dug mole tunnel and set it on fire. This is how the oil spreads on the walls. The moles cannot avoid this barrier and bother another outdoor weed cultivation.