Mango Sapphire by Humboldt Seed Organization is a feminized cannabis seed that has its origins in the cross of a Bubba's Gift and an OG/Afghan X elite clone. This Californian Indica has not only soothing properties but also exotic organoleptic ones. It is an easy-to-grow marijuana plant with a fast flowering period that yields big hard buds and requires a balanced take-up of fertilisers as well as the use of tutors. The flavour and aroma of Mango Sapphire are pronounced and complex, with hints of exotic fruits, mango, coconut and acid fruits. It provides a powerful and balanced effect, cerebral at first but more physically relaxing later on.
Product Details
Flowering Time 6 - 8 weeks
Height tall
Type mostly indica
Seed Type
Yield extra large
Growth Area
sunny mediterranian
temperate continental
cool cold
THC Level over 20 %
Genetics OG/Afghan X x Bubba's Gift
Quantité   3 graines féminisées (30.00EUR)
  5 graines féminisées (46.00EUR)
  10 graines féminisées (98.00EUR)

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