The feminized Critical+ marijuana seeds by Linda Seeds make a medium seized, highly productive and potent plant. It`s perfectly tailored for indoor cannabis cash cropp cultivation. The plants barely reach one meter height, yields of 600g/m² and more are easily achieved. Critical+ has a short flowering period of only 50-55 days, which makes it suitable for outdoor cultivation in northern hemisphere, where it can yield 500g per plant. In warmer or mediterranean climates 1kg crops per plant are normal. Critical+ seeds packs a punch in both quantity and quality - it delivers a plenty of very potent and attractive weed. 
Product Details
Flowering Time 6 - 8 weeks
Height medium
Type mostly indica
Seed Type
Yield extra large
Growth Area
THC Level 15 - 20 %
Genetics BigBud x Skunk
Quantity   1 feminized seed (3.00EUR 1.50EUR)
  5 feminized seeds (15.00EUR 7.50EUR)
  10 feminized seeds (30.00EUR 15.00EUR)
  30 feminised seeds (90.00EUR 45.00EUR)
  50 feminised seeds (150.00EUR 75.00EUR)
  100 feminised seeds (300.00EUR 150.00EUR)

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