Kosher Kush marijuana seeds of DNA Genetics/Reserva Privada is a native variety from California, where it is known as "Jew Gold". The result is an hybrid with Indica dominance, strong, robust, easy to grow, flowering short, powerful and productive. Kosher Kush develops small extraordinary plants, with a strong, fairly compact structure, with a short distance between nodes, and with broad leaves. Grows with the appearance of a Christmas tree with a generous production of large resin coated buds. It is a variety from which you can get quality harvests, quickly and easily. This is a highly sought variety in Los Angeles Area for its particular characteristics. It is a stinky over the top strain with an average yield making all who smoke it feel "blessed". She grows tall so pinching will help tame her as well as beef up the yields. She is easy to grow for the beginner and a challenge to master for the expert. The Kosher can handle moderate to heavy nutrients and has a great bud to leaf ratio making her easy to trim. Kosher Kush will instantly become your favorite smoke. Any herbalist who tries her wants more. Kosher Kush has an intense aroma and flavor, with notes of citrus, exotic fruits and fuel to diesel. Its effect is powerful and relaxing, typically Indica. It is ideal for relaxing in comfort.
1st Indica HT Cannabis Cup 2010
1st Indica HT Cannabis Cup 2011
Strain of the Year 2011 Hightimes
2nd Indoor Bio Spannabis 2012
3rd Indoor Hydro Spannabis 2012
1st HT Seattle Cup Medical Indica 2014
3rd HTCC Best Indica by a seed company 2014
2nd Place Best US Indica Flower 2015
2nd Place HT Norcal Cup 2015
1st Place HT San Bernardo Cup


Product Details
Flowering Time 8 - 10 weeks
Height medium
Type mostly indica
Seed Type
Yield large
Growth Area
THC Level 15 - 20 %
Kush Strains yes
Genetics Kosher x OG Kush
Cupwinner 2014
Quantity   3 feminized seeds (40.00EUR)
  6 feminized seeds (70.00EUR)

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