This is the original Sour Diesel clone. It’s the famous Sour Diesel clone that Cali Connection has taken and crossed to Sour OG male. That was the initial outcross, bringing it down back to itself BXing upon BX. They did 2 BXs and have produced Sour Diesel down to it’s seed form. So the actual clone only is in seed now and it’s called The Original Sour Diesel AKA AJ’s Clone. The male/female seeds come from Original Sour Diesel to Orignal Sour Diesel BX3 male. For female seeds they are Original Sour Diesel to Original Sour Diesel BX3 reversed male. Very large producer, very kerosene/sour buds, Flowing time is approximately 70-75 days.
Product Details
Flowering Time 10 - 12 weeks
Height medium
Type indica/sativa
Seed Type
Yield extra large
Growth Area
THC Level over 20 %
LED optimised Strains yes
Purple Strains yes
Genetics Sour Diesel x Sour OG
Quantity This product is currently not available.   10 regular seeds (87.00EUR)
  6 feminized seeds (87.00EUR)

This product is currently not available.   This product is currently not available.

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