Durbakistan is a full vigour strain. Structure is of classic long sativa with medium internodal distance. Petioles and leafs are strech and thin, specially in flower time. Big colas are formed being a bit airy but full of flowers with long stigmas. Plants giving light purple tones in calixes are frequently found. Final result gives us the best of both parentals: Sweet and even strawberry scents, with floral-earthy and hashy background. Unique combination, very enjoyable. Effect isnt recommended for first time smokers, sativa strong effect that will take you higher than you´ve ever been, quick take-off effect you´ll notice quite soon. Be prepared to reach the moon and stay high for a long time.
Product Details
Flowering Time 10 - 12 weeks
Height tall
Type indica/sativa
Seed Type
Yield large
Growth Area
THC Level 15 - 20 %
Kush Strains yes
Purple Strains yes
Genetics Durban Poison x Pakistan Chitral Kush
Quantity   3 feminized seeds (32.00EUR)
  5 feminized seeds (40.00EUR)
  10 feminized seeds (64.00EUR)
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