CBD crystals are obtained from pure organic hemp and are free of genetic engineering or pesticides. They are ideal for a vaporizer / evaporator, which feature a Liquid pad or an oil can, because they liquefy even at low heat and evaporate without leaving any residue. CBD crystals can be used with any smoking device - whether bong, joint or cigarette. Administering it is as simple as using the tongue or stirring it into warm water. CBD crystals must be dosed very low due to its purity. A pinhead large amount is sufficient to achieve a relaxation effect. There is no evidence of an adverse effect in an overdose of CBD crystals. CBD has no psychotropic effect. That is, it does not trigger a rush, but has a very different individually perceived relaxation and pain-relieving effect. In addition, CBD is credited with many more positive properties in relation to the treatment of various diseases. In conjunction with THC crystals it reinforceCBD's relaxation effect of the rush.

  • Pure CBD isolate crystals +99%
  • 100% organic hemp.
  • Non-GMO ingredients.
  • 500mg of certified CBD in each box.
  • Third party label tested.
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This product is currently not available.   This product is currently not available.
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