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Unfortunately, regulation and implementation in respect of cannabis seed often differs from country to country. For this reason we advise you as a matter of urgency to make inquiries about the regulations to which you are subject. We dispatch our seeds with the reservation that they will not be used by third parties in conflict with the law. Linda-Seeds.com does not wish to induce anyone to act in conflict with the law. We expressly point out that all those who purchase our seeds are responsible for their actions in the future. Linda-Seeds.com will accept no responsibility in this respect. Check your country’s law regarding seeds, paraphernalia and other products related with Cannabis culture. Our online store complies with Spanish law. By placing an order, the purchaser represents that he/she is 18 years or older and that products ordered will only be used in a lawful manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is linda-seeds.com / Linda Semilla reliable?

Yes! Linda-Seeds.com is the online shop of the officially registered company LINDA SEMILLA in Spain, where cannabis seeds may be sold legally. Our sole interest is it to settle all orders to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

What is linda-seeds.com?

This is the website of the Spanish company LINDA SEMILLA, on which marijuana seeds are sold for legal proposes only as for collecting reasons or for souvenir.

What does LINDA SEMILLA actually mean?

The name consists of two words: Linda means beautiful or pretty in Spanish and is also a female name. Semilla is the Spanish word for seeds. And this is what Linda Semilla does: offer the world`s best cannabis seeds!

What type of cannabis seeds does linda-seeds.com sell?

We only sell high-quality marijuana seeds from well-known breeders and brands. All the cannabis seeds are shipped in the manufacturer’s original packaging and are not opened by us except you wish us to remove them from original breeders collector packs for shippment!

How does linda-seeds.com store the marijuana seeds?

To ensure maximum quality, we only store the seeds as recommended by the manufacturers and for no longer than six months.

What happens if the variety ordered is not available?

Since we attach utmost importance to fresh seeds, in rare cases it may occur that the ordered product is not available in stock. In this case, we will inform the customer after invoicing regarding prospective delivery periods. Naturally, the order can then be changed or cancelled by the customer.

What are feminized cannabis seeds?

Many seed banks now offer feminized seeds. Unlike regular seeds, the prognosticated feminine rate is approximately 99%, according to the manufacturer. In the case of regular seeds, this is only 50%. This is hypothetical only, we do not recommend you germinating marijuana seeds, if you live in country where it is forbidden to do so.

What is autoflowering?

Some seed banks offer what are known as autoflowering varieties. According to the manufacturer, these varieties begin blooming in response to age instead of the day/night light cycle. This is hypothetical only, we do not recommend you germinating marijuana seeds, if you live in country where it is forbidden to do so.

Guarantee and germination rates

As we do not produce the seeds ourselves and these are natural products, we cannot provide a guarantee that seeds will germinate. All the seed banks we work with are well-known and have supplied products of excellent and reliable quality for years, with germination rates of 90 to 95%. LindaSemilla.com stores all the seeds it sells for a maximum of six months and only under conditions recommended by the seed banks. This is hypothetical only, we do not recommend you germinating marijuana seeds, if you live in country where it is forbidden to do so. The seeds we sell are for collecting reasons or for souvir.

How can I contact Linda Semilla?

The easiest way is by e-mail: contact@linda-semilla.com or by fax: +34.935.457.296

How can I pay?

There are different ways to pay for our products:

  • Payment by credit card (Visa / Mastercard).
  • Please note: Your credit card must be a "VISA verified" by VISA or a "MasterCard SecureCode"
  • Bank transfer to one of our bank accounts
  • Cash deposit to our account (only possible in Spain and Germany)
  • Cash only by registered letter (no coins please)
  • Western Union
  • Bitcoins
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