Order Informaion

How can I pay?

There are different ways to pay for our products:

  • Payment by credit card (Visa / Mastercard).
  • Please note: Your credit card must be a "VISA verified" by VISA or a "Mastercard Securecode".
  • Bank transfer to our bank account (SEPA).
  • Cash deposit to our account (only possible in Spain).
  • Cash by mail (no coins please).
  • Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, USD Coin, DAI.

Do you ship to my country?

Linda Seeds ships worldwide but we ask you to check your local law before ordering, as laws differ from country to country and state to state and by ordering, you are confirming that you are ok to do so.

If I pay with my credit card, what will be show on my statement?

All transactions will be discreet.

Can I pay with cash at Linda Seeds?

Yes, you can pay with cash by mail at Linda-Seeds.com. We have a Spanish company address where you can easily and quickly send your payment. We recommend that you always send cash by registered mail. IMPORTANT: Do not just put the money in an envelope. Hide it well between other papers or use a bubble cushion envelope with another envelope inside. In any case, the cash must be very well hidden to avoid theft in transit.

What will the package that I receive from Linda Seeds look like?

All orders are discreet packaged in a conventional air cushion envelope, without logos, images or the like. It’s impossible to tell from the outside what is contained in the package. We use a neutral delivery address that gives no indication of the contents.

How does Linda Seeds dispatch merchandise?

All shipments are sent with a tracking ID, irrespective of the value of the order. If this is not desired, please indicate so when ordering.

How long will it take for my shipment to arrive?

About three to ten working days within Europe. International orders can take up to 30 working days. As soon as the order is dispatched, we will transmit an info e-mail to the buyer.