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How to order cannabis seeds
How to order cannabis seeds

Anyone who wants to order and plant cannabis seeds still has to contend with the fact that in the vast majority of regions in the world, cannabis cultivation is still illegal. Many therefore use the black market to buy and order cannabis seeds. Unfortunately, without knowing where the cannabis seeds come from or if the quality of the seeds is guaranteed.

Linda-Seeds wants to be your trustworthy contact person for all aspects of buying cannabis seed. You can order cannabis seeds from us that are regular, feminised, autoflowering (also called automatic or auto seeds) as well as CBD (medical) from us.

Above all we make sure that

  • all personal data will be treated absolutely confidential and will never be given to third parties!
  • all cannabis seeds arrive as fresh as possible. We guarantee the ideal intermediate storage and try to keep the delivery times from the growers to us and to you as short as possible.
  • we pass on to our customers favorable purchase possibilities from the breeders.


Your marijuana seed order

A. The order process at Linda-Seeds

There are basically two ways to order marijuana seeds in our online shop.

1. You register at Linda-Seeds with your email address and open a user account. (Click here for the registration process).

Through your registration at our shop you are able to shop faster, know at any time the status of your orders and have always a current survey of your previous orders. You will not have to enter your data again for future orders.

2. Or you use the guest access, so you can shop without registering. Without a customer account, however, it is not technically possible for you to check the status of your order or your order history. In case of a repeat order you will have to enter all your personal data again, which is certainly a disadvantage if you want to order cannabis seeds quickly.

B. Your Shopping Cart 

Now that you are registered and have made your selection of cannabis seeds, you are ready to order. Clicking on the shopping cart button will take you to your shopping cart where you can see the cannabis seeds you have already added to your shopping cart.

If the value of your order is higher than 15,- Euro, you will receive an additional selection of cannabis seeds as a thank you from Linda-Seeds. You can choose between feminized, regular and female autoflowering seeds by clicking on the blue shopping cart symbol. The selection of feminized cannabis seeds is active and marked with a check mark. If you make a different choice, the page will reload and your new selection will be shown as active with a check mark.

Then click on the button > Checkout

C. Your Shipping Information

Here you can change your shipping address if necessary and decide if we should deliver your cannabis seeds in the original packaging of the breeder or rather in a neutral packaging. Now please choose the shipping method, you have a number of options to get your cannabis seeds delivered fast and safe. If you order cannabis seeds in larger quantities, we strongly recommend the more expensive but insured shipping!

  • Shipping by letter
    Europe | 4 - 10 business days | shipping without tracking number uninsured shipping (no replacement in case of loss or damage)
  • Registered mail
    Europe | 5 - 10 business days | insured shipping with tracking number
  • Shipping by courier
    Europe | 3 - 5 business days | insured shipping with tracking number (recommended)
  • Shipping by Express Courier
    Europe | 48 - 72 hours | insured shipping with tracking number

Click on > Next at the bottom of the page

D. Your payment method

Here you can change your billing address if necessary and enter your coupon if you already have one.

Next select the payment method you would like to use for your order. There are four options available to you.

  • Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoins
  • Cash payment by letter
  • Credit card (Visa/Mastercard)

Next, check the box indicating that you agree to our terms and conditions and that you are at least 18 years of age.

Click > Continue at the bottom of the page.

E. Purchase your selection of cannabis seed

Finally you will be taken to a summary page where you can review and correct all the information you have entered. If you are ordering cannabis seeds from Linda-Seeds for the first time, please check all information carefully! Complete and correct information will help you and us to avoid misdelivery! For each of your details you will also find an edit button so that you can make corrections.

At the end of your order you confirm your marijuana seed order by clicking the button

> Send order


Linda-Seeds wishes you a lot of fun browsing and discovering new seeds and a lot of pleasure when ordering marijuana seeds online!


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