Dinafem Seeds cannabis seeds belong to a collection of more than 60 genetics, among which we can find a wide variety of feminized, autoflowering or medical strains. Since its foundation in 2005, this seedbank focused its efforts on investigating and developing feminised cannabis seeds that were put into market and, success after success, have now become a benchmark in the cannabis field. Later on, Dr. Kush envisaged what was to come and decided to start working with autoflowering genetics that gradually became part of the bank's catalogue. From the very beginning, Dinafem Seeds' idea of selling seeds per units was wholeheartedly welcomed. Nowadays, it is one of the most influential banks in the market with genetics that have easily reached the top and seem to be willing to remain there. Some of them have become true icons and the vast majority of breeders enjoy growing them in their gardens. Most cannabis genetics included in the catalogue have received awards and recognition all over the world, as is the case with White WidowMoby Dick and Original Amnesia.