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Philosopher Seeds is a seed bank that has been supplying cannabis seeds since the 90s and selling its own seed varieties since 2008. The company emphasizes that everything is done by hand and constantly monitored by professionals. 

Philosopher Seeds - Quality from Cannabis Enthusiasts

Currently, the offer includes regular and feminized seeds, both photodependent and autoflowering, covering every taste and offering a selection of the best and most sought-after varieties of cannabis sativa:
From classic strains like the Easy Haze or the Early Maroc to newly developed American varieties with crosses from the Purple Punch, the Zkittlez or the Wifi #43.
Chemotypes with a wide CBD:THC ratio like Pure CBD Punch (ratio 1:24) and very balanced strains like Fruity Jack (ratio 2:1), which won 1st prize in the CBD category at Spannabis Champions Cup 2018.
Varieties with the most diverse organoleptic characteristics and aromas: citrus, earthy, sweet, diesel, fruity, floral, incense...
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Philosopher Seeds

CBD Rich Candy

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