Mandala Seeds seedbank was founded in early 2004 by Mike and Jasmin. Their personal story is a mix of adventure, travel and tremendous interest in the cultivation, study, development and conservation of medicinal marijuana as well as other shamanic plants. Mandala Seeds has developed several special methods to grow and produce seeds whose benefits are appreciated by the majority of growers worldwide. Mandala Seeds offers a range of stable strains suitable for cannabis growing either indoors or outdoors at very affordable price. All seeds are hand picked, one by one and only the best are packaged. Mandala Seeds seedbank is co-supervised by Jasmin, a biologist experienced in the fields of horticulture and agriculture. The philosophy of the company tends to a natural culture, biological and towards fair trade. Mike and Jasmin share not only their extensive professional experience through the creation and distribution of Mandala Seeds genetics, but also contribute regularly, through articles about cultivation and botanics of marijuana, in international publications to promote greater awareness of organic and effective farming methods.
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