CBD Marijuana Seeds | Indica | THC >20%

Just a few years ago, the THC content of over 20% was an exception, reaching only a handful of varieties. Legendary are the varieties of Serious Seed AK47 and White Russian, as well as Amnesia from Super Strains. Also Jack Herer from Sensi Seeds belonged to these precursors with extremely high THC gel content. Not to forget: these cannabis seeds have been available for well over 20 years. Since then, however, cannabis breeding has increased in the truest sense of the word. At the latest with the complete legalization of marijuana in Canada and large parts of the USA, new standards in terms of potency were set. Cannabis varieties with a THC content of over 20% today belong to the standard range. Varieties such as Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies or The New, if grown in good conditions, will yield 25% THC or more. So these varieties are more for the hard-boiled. In any case, high THC levels should be well tolerated.
CBD Marijuana Seeds | Indica | THC >20%



THC Level

Flowering Time


extra large

to 10 %
10 - 15 %
15 - 20 %
over 20 %

6 - 8 weeks
8 - 10 weeks
10 - 12 weeks
over 12 weeks


Indica / Sativa

mostly sativa

mostly indica


Growth Area

cool cold

temperate continental

sunny mediterranian

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