THC 15-20%

What used to happen in the THC range around ten percent has been much higher in recent years, namely in a THC range of 15-20%. Over the past decades, many breeding and selection methods have resulted in better and stronger plants with a significantly higher average THC content. Most cannabis varieties cultivated under good indoor conditions reach THC levels of 15-20%. In addition to the THC content, other factors are also important. The CBD content of a plant has a decisive influence on the noise level. CBD has a calming and not psychotropic effect, i.e. it does not cause intoxication. On the contrary, according to current scientific knowledge, it even reduces negative intoxication symptoms such as anxiety and restlessness. People who are prone to severe anxiety should therefore choose marijuana varieties that contain slightly less THC but more CBD. THC levels of 15-20% are already relatively high and sufficient for average consumers.
THC 15-20%



THC Level

Flowering Time


extra large

to 10 %
10 - 15 %
15 - 20 %
over 20 %

6 - 8 weeks
8 - 10 weeks
10 - 12 weeks
over 12 weeks


Indica / Sativa

mostly sativa

mostly indica


Growth Area

cool cold

temperate continental

sunny mediterranian

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