FAQ regarding the Coronavirus and cannabis seeds!

Does Linda-Seeds.com deliver despite the emergency in Spain / Europe?

Answer: Yes, we ship - albeit somewhat slower than usual. We are not subject to any restrictions and can process your order as usual.

Are there any additional customs controls that could endanger my shipment?

Answer: No, there are no additional controls in the goods traffic. The border controls that have been in force cause of the coronavirus relate exclusively to the movement of persons.

The movement of goods is not affected and can continue without restrictions.

Are all my ordered products available?

Answer: Due to the exceptional situation, it may happen that we can no longer deliver certain products as usual. At some seedbanks we are currently not able to reorder. Also our wholesalers are affectted by this situation. If one or more items of your order are not available, we will inform you. We will then deliver the product as soon as possible or exchange it at your request. In this situation, please understand that one or more items may be temporarily unavailable.

Will my order arrive as usual or are there delays?

Please understand that it can come to longer delivery and processing times. Especially when sending with "normal letters" and "registered mail" these can occur. Courier shipments and courier express shipments may also be affected, especially for sendings to USA or other non European destinations (fedex announces a delay of 1-3 days for each shipment).

Is there a health risk for me if I order from you?

Answer: No, the coronavirus is only transmissible from person to person. We have also extended our hygiene measures. We regularly disinfect our work surfaces and wear face masks and disposable gloves during the packaging process.