BackTropicanna Cookies: characteristics, genetics and origins


Tropicanna Cookies: characteristics, genetics and origins
Tropicanna Cookies: characteristics, genetics and origins
Tropicanna Cookies is a plant that was originally bred by Oni Seeds, an American seed bank, but unfortunately is no longer available. Therefore, Linda Seeds has developed its own line with a US Tropicanna Cookies Cut, which is in no way inferior to the "original". Tropicanna Cookies comes from a cross between Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies. She is a hybrid plant with a slight sativa dominance, and adapts well to all types of growing environments, as she can be grown both outdoors and indoors. Tropicana Cookies also has the advantage of being able to be grown both hydroponically and in soil, so the possibilities are multiplied.
Effect and taste of Tropicanna Cookies
There are several aspects that make this plant very attractive to those who like aromatic, terpene-rich varieties with a fresher note. First of all, the characteristic sour taste and the aroma so typical of this variety, with strong citrus notes, are two main features of Tropicanna Cookies. The " Tangie influence " is also noticeable in the mouth and nose, although to a lesser extent. The plant is also rich in creamy nuances, and Girl Scout Cookies has its share in this, giving it a wide range of intense aromas that are noticeable both olfactorily and in taste. For this very reason, Tropicanna Cookies is a good choice for consumers who are looking for a creamy, biscuit-like flavor note with strong citrus notes. As for the effect, you have to be honest and admit that Tropicanna Cookies offers one of the strongest effects you can experience. The euphoria it induces is balanced throughout and provides a long-lasting sense of well-being that will help you leave your everyday life behind and allow you to focus entirely on the here and now. The fact that Tropicanna Cookies contains almost equal parts sativa and indica makes this strain one of the top plants with a pleasant "happy-stoned" effect that is very strong but not completely knock-off.
Growing Tropicanna Cookies indoors and outdoors
As described at the outset, Tropicanna Cookies can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It is a very versatile plant that grows very well with little maintenance, so it does not require exceptional care to produce good results. Growers love Tropicanna Cookies because it grows so high yielding and 500g per m2 indoors or 500g per plant outdoors is the bare minimum it achieves. With more care and a little more expert knowledge, 600g or more per m2 can be achieved. When grown in the garden or outdoors, Tropicanna Cookies is ready for harvest in the northern hemisphere around mid-October. For European growers north of the Alps it will be difficult to finish flowering this strain, depending on the region. In a protected environment, however, this should also be possible. With the beginning of the ripening process, the leaves develop a characteristic dark green to purple color, which is particularly strong and representative of the overall condition of the plant. Large branches are formed, which support the formation of buds. Tropicanna Cookies is a plant that is suitable for cultivation by experts in cannabis cultivation, as well as for beginners who have never come into contact with this variety. Usually, it is advisable to use methods such as SOG or SCROG, which in most cases provide the best results. A key feature of Tropicanna Cookies is that it can then easily produce up to 600 grams of buds. This amount of buds is one reason why its fruity aroma is so striking. The grow tent is simply packed with fat buds!
Tropicanna Cookies Outdoor
Growing Tropicanna Cookies indoors
What can succeed outdoors if you live in the right region, will always succeed indoors with Tropicanna Cookies! Grown indoors or in a grow tent, this strain grows vigorously and has an above average stretch. You should therefore start her flowering at already 20 cm, so that the plants are 80-100 cm tall by the end. This recommendation is for a 600-1000W HPS or equivalent 400-600W LED lamps per m2. You will get a harvest of 1g per watt in any case, depending on skill and equipment even much more. Another important point is that when grown indoors, the plant will develop many lateral branches that should be removed, depending on the setting and growing technique, or alternatively, fewer plants per m2 can be placed. Tropicanna Cookies is mature after a good 8 weeks, to get a more intense terpene production and to let the tropical-zirus-heavy notes mature, the strain can also be left for a few days longer - according to your own taste.  By the end of the flowering period, Tropicanna Cookies has developed beautiful, often purple, extremely resinous buds that have a "popcorn" structure on some plants.
Tropicanna Cookies Indoor
Terpene structure and aroma of Tropicanna Cookies Weed
The intense terpenes that give Tropicanna Cookies a strong citrus note also carry over to the flavor when vaporized or smoked. Almost all the characteristics of the complex aroma are preserved, characterizing the strong and fruity nature of this weed. Through complex and exceptionally strong citrus undertones with a subtle sour note from the Tangie and the slightly creamy sweet impact of the Cookies, Tropicana Cookies is often considered a very "orange" strain, going back to classics like Orange Bud. Through the parent "Tangie, are certainly still traces of this classic contained, but nothing more. Tropicanna Cookies forms a new, more complex and delicious flavor profile by crossing its parent plants. This in combination with colorful, resinous "popcorn buds", making Tropicanna Cookies an exceptional and in every way special plant that no grower should miss in his grow tent!