Auto Bruce Banner strain

Linda Seeds

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Auto Bruce Banner strain

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Linda Seeds

    5/5 (2)


Flowering Time
10 - 12 weeks
medium ▷▷▷ average stretch
indica-sativa ▷▷▷ hybrid
Seed Type
autoflowering, feminized
large ▷▷▷ 500 - 600g per m²
Growth Area
warm outdoor climate,
temperate outdoor climate,
cool outdoor climate
THC Level
over 20%
LED optimised Strains
Bruce Banner x Auto Gorilla
3.50 EUR
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Auto Bruce Banner | Linda Seeds


Auto Bruce Banner by Linda Seeds is a highly productive strain, and one of the strongest cannabis strains available in the market. It is an auto-flowering strain, created from one of the super-strong strains of the US West Coast, delighting marijuana lovers all over the world. The Auto Bruce Banner is very aromatic delivering a high THC level of 25% or higher in almost every planted seed. It takes 10 to 11 weeks from the seed to harvest, and the plant grows to a height of 110 to 150 cm. The buds are a bright green color and the aroma is a terpene blend of fruity, floral smells along with earthy tones. The buds make for excellent extraction and leave a wonderful flavor in your mouth. If you want enjoy your weed, this is the perfect plant for you.

Plant appearance

Auto Bruce Banner is a tall and bushy plant, with large fan leaves growing all over. The tall main cola is capable of reaching up to 100 cm in height and has several branches on the sides. Due to the careful selection and breeding, the Auto Bruce Banner is covered with buds at the time of harvest despite its compact size.


The plant exhibits a complex terpene profile and you will experience multiple flavors, from gassy strains to citrusy terps. You will also experience a distinct sweetness with a fresh berry taste that takes the flavor to the next level. The effect is quite relaxing and euphoric.

How to grow?

The Auto Bruce Banner is suitable for both indoor cultivation and outdoor cultivation. However, if you want to grow the plant, ensure that you do so in a large enough space to accommodate the plant. The plant has large and bushy foliage, so you should tie the branches to space them out properly. Proper spacing between the branches ensures that sunlight reaches all the flowering sites and air passes through the flowers. This helps prevent mold that may cause underdeveloped buds. When you trim the plants, be sure to collect the sugar leaves as well as the bigger leaves that are covered by resin. The thick layer of resin makes for tasty and strong extractions. The yield indoors is around 500 gr m2, while outdoors you can get around 150 gm per plant.

  • With 25% THC, the plant surely packs a punch.
  • Capable of reaching up to 150 cm and yields just as much
  • Produces a thick layer of resin, making it ideal for commercial extractors
  • Very relaxing and potent strain
  • Flowering time: 10 to 11 weeks
  • Sex: Feminized, autoflowering




by Kevin H.

Date Added: 15 April, 2024

of 5 stars!

Top Strain! kann man nichts mit falsch machen!

by Ahmed C.

Date Added: 16 October, 2022

of 5 stars!

Bonjour bonsoir. En ce moment je fume les graines plantées en mai juin, pour les feminisées, et pour les autos c'est le top, parceque tout les deux mois je récolte, une centaine de grame et ça me va bien. Pour les AUTO BRUCE BANNER STRAIN Linda Seeds, j'ai 4 graines qui ne veulent germées, je les ai mise directement en terre, elle vont peut-être finir par germer. Mieux vaut tard que jamais. Par contre une foi bien mûr l'herbe est très bonne merci linda seeds. Vous faites du bon travail merci. Abientot

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