Recommendations | TOP 10 Feminized

Hand on your heart! With well over 1000 different strains, you can sometimes lose track of things. With our Top 10 feminized cannabis seeds you get it back. Here we recommend a mixture of old and new well known varieties. All marijuana seeds listed here are recommendable in every respect and will not disappoint you - no matter if classic or novelty!

Recommendations | TOP 10 Feminized

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Gorilla Glue #4 > Original Sensible Seeds

Gorilla Glue #4

Original Sensible Seeds

9.00 EUR
Gorilla Bomb > Bomb Seeds

Gorilla Bomb

Bomb Seeds

28.00 EUR
Critical+ 2.0 > Dinafem

Critical+ 2.0


10.00 EUR
Money Maker > Strain Hunters Seed Bank

Money Maker

Strain Hunters Seed Bank

12.50 EUR
Critical Kush > Barney`s Farm

Critical Kush

Barney`s Farm

8.50 EUR
OG Kush > Dinafem Seeds

OG Kush

Dinafem Seeds

10.50 EUR
Jack 47 > Sweet Seeds

Jack 47

Sweet Seeds

33.00 EUR
AK 47 > Serious Seeds

AK 47

Serious Seeds

80.00 EUR
KC 36 > KC Brains

KC 36

KC Brains

7.50 EUR
Super Skunk > Sensi Seeds

Super Skunk

Sensi Seeds

19.00 EUR