Recommendations | TOP 10 Outdoor Strains

An early harvest is important? Here you will find a compilation of the best outdoor cannabis seeds for climate zones with shorter summers, as for example in northern Europe, northern parts of USA and Canada. All marijuana seeds listed here give very good results when grown outdoors. They are not autoflowering cannabis seeds, but only varieties that start flowering in late summer. They follow the photoperiod cycle and yield much better than autoflowering varieties due to the longer life cycle and bigger growing. All the marijuana seeds you will find here are ready for harvest at the end of September, at the latest by mid-October. In regions with longer summers they do als perform very well.

Recommendations | TOP 10 Outdoor Strains

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Early Maroc > Philosopher Seeds

Early Maroc

Philosopher Seeds

Early Skunk > Sensi Seeds

Early Skunk

Sensi Seeds

 21.00 EUR
Biddy Early > Serious Seeds

Biddy Early

Serious Seeds

 35.00 EUR
KC 33 > KC Brains

KC 33

KC Brains

22.50 EUR
19.12 EUR
Easy Sativa > Female Seeds

Easy Sativa

Female Seeds

 19.50 EUR
Outdoor Grapefruit > Female Seeds

Outdoor Grapefruit

Female Seeds

Passion #1 > Dutch Passion

Passion #1

Dutch Passion

 22.00 EUR
Hollands Hope > Dutch Passion

Hollands Hope

Dutch Passion

49.50 EUR
34.65 EUR
Frisian Dew > Dutch Passion

Frisian Dew

Dutch Passion

 23.00 EUR
Durban Poison > Dutch Passion

Durban Poison

Dutch Passion

 22.00 EUR