Auto Wedding Cake strain

Linda Seeds

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Auto Wedding Cake strain

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Linda Seeds

    5/5 (7)


Flowering Time
8 - 10 weeks
medium ▷▷▷ average stretch
mostly indica
Seed Type
autoflowering, feminized
large ▷▷▷ 500 - 600g per m²
Growth Area
warm outdoor climate,
temperate outdoor climate,
cool outdoor climate
THC Level
over 20%
Kush Strains
Wedding Cake x Ruderalis
Suitable for beginners.
60.00 EUR
incl. VAT, excl. shipping

Auto Wedding Cake | Linda Seeds


Linda Seeds' Auto Wedding Cake strain is the autoflowering version of our wonderful Wedding Cake with a crossed low dominant indica ruderalis making this strain an autoflowering strain.
Maximum yield indoor and outdoor
Auto Wedding Cake is easy to grow, providing great yields of 500-600g per m2 indoors or 100g per plant when grown outdoors. According to its indica dominance, this plant delivers hard buds, some of which turn purple. For an indoor grow we recommend to put 9-12 plants per m2 and keep them in 9-11L pots. Important, as with all autoflowering strains: Plant the seedling with the growing medium directly into a large pot to avoid later unnecessary repotting, which would stress the plant. Auto Wedding Cake grows medium high and reaches a maximum height of 1.2m at 600W/m2 indoors or outdoors during the height of summer in a sunny location, depending on the lighting level.
High THC content makes a good stoned
The flowering time of the Auto Wedding Cake strain is about 8-9 weeks, the total cycle of the plant from germination to harvest is about 65-70 days. You will get fantastic resinous buds with a THC value of 22-25%, strong enough for anyone who knows about good weed. Auto Wedding Cake has a sweet aroma that reminds a bit of a cherry pie. By crossing a ruderalis, slightly Mediterranean herbal notes are added here. As a mostly indica strain, Wedding Cake automatic produces a nice "stoned" with nice head relaxation. 
Strain history
According to some sources, Wedding Cake is a cross between a legendary Triangle Kush mother and an Animal Mints male. Others say Wedding Cake is a cross between Cherry Pie and a Girl Scout Cookies. The discussions about what is true and what is false differ. We don't want to make a philosophy out of it. Whatever is true, Linda's Auto Wedding Cake seeds are bred by the original USA clone + an auto flowering genetics. So you can be sure that you will get the very best Wedding Cake strain, regardless of which parent plants were used for the original clone in the past.



by Nick B.

Date Added: 31 March, 2024

of 5 stars!

Paket ist angekommen alles bestens vielen dank!

by jolene H.

Date Added: 12 July, 2023

of 5 stars!

Starts sprouting within 3 days! Beautiful strong stalk just from the beginning. So far doing very well, I'm excited to see it flower!

by Pruebas E.

Date Added: 13 April, 2023

of 5 stars!


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