Bruce Banner strain

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Bruce Banner strain

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Linda Seeds

    5/5 (1)


Flowering Time
8 - 10 weeks
medium ▷▷▷ average stretch
mostly sativa
Seed Type
photoperiod, feminized
large ▷▷▷ 500 - 600g per m²
Growth Area
warm outdoor climate,
temperate outdoor climate
THC Level
over 20%
LED optimised Strains
OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel
3.50 EUR
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Bruce Banner | Linda Seeds


If you are looking for really high THC levels in your marijuana, the Bruce Banner is the plant to grow. Bruce Banner is a hybrid weed strain that definitely packs a punch. Just like the Incredible Hulk, this Bruce Banner is also incredibly strong and powerful, leaving you feeling energized and euphoric - but not aggressive! It is a 65% Sativa-leaning hybrid, with fluorescent green buds with some purplish hue running through them. The plant will also develop spiky, compact nugs with a thick coat of resin. Manicuring the buds is also quite easy since they have few leaves. Orange-colored pistils contrast with the green shades, giving a colorful appearance to the plant with colors like green, orange, purple, and red. These cannabis seeds are originally from the US and are one of the strongest strains there is. It gives you a very relaxing after effect, making you feel creative and euphoric.


The flavor of Bruce Banner reminds you of sweet, naturally-flavored candy with fruity, earthy, and berry undertones. The undertones are juicy and hearty just like fresh-picked strawberries in summer. You can also detect some floral notes, making the Bruce Banner special for people who are looking for a tasting experience besides the quality of smoke.


The plant has an aromatic scent that is felt as soon as the buds are plucked. Bruce Banner carries the Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush genetics, which presents a diesel aroma that is sweet with fruity and floral undertones.

Plant appearance

The bud has a bright green appearance, reminding you of the comic superhero, Hulk. The buds are a bright green shade, making the plant look healthy and alive. The buds have bright orange pistils, that twist and curl among the trichome and sugar leaves filled with resin.

Growth Info

The growing profile of the Bruce Banner is similar to the parent plant OG Kush. The plants tend to have a relatively strong "stretch", which means that you should not wait too long before you start flowering. The plants can reach a height of 100 to 120 cm indoors. The leaves stretch upwards and outwards, and the plant can become monstrous with densely packed colas. You can expect a yield of 1000g (35 ounces) per plant outdoors and 600g (21 ounces) per square meter (11 SF) indoors.

  • High THC level, ranging from 24% to 29%.
  • Low CBD content, with as much as 1%
  • Requires 60 to 65 days of flowering time, outdoors: early October
  • Flowering type: Photoperiod
  • Sex: Feminized


by Patrick A.

Date Added: 09 March, 2023

of 5 stars!

Super Sorte. Mega high. Sehr guter Ertrag. Geschmack und Geruch unwiderstehlich. Ich kann es jedem empfehlen. Probiert es aus

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