Extremely high yield

Thanks to ingenious breeding, there are now considerably more cannabis seeds with extremely high yields than there were at the beginning of cannabis cultivation 40 years ago. Hemp seeds of this category provide the experienced grower with 1 gram per watt of light and more. These are therefore very high-yielding marijuana varieties. They are often used for commercial cultivation, or simply by people who like to have a lot on the scales and the corresponding consumption habits that require it. For all "extremes" as well as for cannabis seeds with extremely high yields it is of course true that some experience is needed to achieve these maximum yields. In any case, these varieties are on average slightly more productive than others, even if they are grown with less experience. Also the old saying "mass instead of class" does not apply here. Most extremely high-yielding cannabis seeds are in no way inferior to marijuana varieties with lower yields in terms of quality.
Extremely high yield



THC Level

Flowering Time


extra large

to 10 %
10 - 15 %
15 - 20 %
over 20 %

6 - 8 weeks
8 - 10 weeks
10 - 12 weeks
over 12 weeks


Indica / Sativa

mostly sativa

mostly indica


Growth Area

cool cold

temperate continental

sunny mediterranian

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