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Gray mold rot


Another "classic" among cannabis growers. Gray mold rot - or simply gray mold or gray rot - is a plant disease that is caused by the mold Botrytis cinerea. What is particularly common about gray mold rot is that it mainly focuses on the cannabis flowers and acts from the inside out.
The flowers are attacked from the inside and literally rot. That's not how you get marijuana. The damage is usually great, as it is often only discovered when the gray mold rot has already caused a lot. Also, only large-scale pruning or even removing entire hemp plants helps, which can result in severe crop losses.
At first it is not easy to spot gray mold rot, as it begins inside the hemp flowers. The buds will take on various brownish-gray tones until they have fought their way to the outside, which at the latest will reveal the rot. The flowers then already look such that hardly anyone would even think of consuming them.
The best prevention against Botrytis cinerea consists in good general care of the plants and plants as well as taking all hygienic measures to keep everything in good condition. If the temperature, humidity and air conditions are kept in optimal condition, the risk to the weed should be quite low.
The removal of gray mold rot is unpleasant, because it only helps to cut away the affected areas over a large area - in case of doubt, even entire cannabis plants have to be lost. The consumption of such poisoned marijuana should not be considered under any circumstances.