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Cannabis in California now legal!


Cannabis is legal. In many countries worldwide and in different states of the USA the trade with marijuana as well as its use as natural intoxicant is legally permitted. Since 01/01/2018, the largest federal state in America is one of the areas where hemp is causing a huge economic boom and the benefits of legalization are noticeable. Cannabis in California can be considered as a major step in the direction of completely eliminating prohibition, as the world's sixth largest economy has a major impact on the overall re-vision of the crop that has been in use for millennia. The popular referendum on Proposition 64 in 2016 established a civil right to own or give up to one ounce (28.5 grams) of marijuana from the age of 21 years.  In addition, six cannabis plants per person may be raised from potent cannabis seeds until the upcoming harvest of the selected marijuana at the designated place of residence, which may flourish within, but sometimes outside the premises. 

Indoor and outdoor Growing provide with appropriate knowledge and precautions thus best alternatives for residents of the sunny state, to provide cost-effectively and privately with the increasingly popular natural substance, which there is since the beginning of 2018 now in specially designated stores for sale , Even if individual cities and communities in California have the opportunity not to legalize private cannabis cultivation, the right of citizens to their own grow tent in the apartment remains untouched. The breeding of selected plants from high quality seeds or cuttings should then not be hung on the big nail by the operators in these areas of precautionary measures. In addition to these rights, it is also good to know that flowering plants do not fit into the grandfathering of personal cannabis ownership, so despite the thriving splendor of six female cannabis plants in their own homes, a right to ownership of 28.5 grams of marijuana always guaranteed. In California, cannabis is legal!