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Feminized, regular, autoflowering; What's this?


What's what? Basically, cannabis seeds can be divided into two categories. In "normal", also called regular cannabis seeds, and in so-called feminized cannabis seeds. The difference is in the sex of the plants that emerge from these seeds. Regular cannabis seeds grow male and female plants. From feminized cannabis seeds grow only female plants. Meanwhile, most customers buy feminized marijuana seeds. Why? Simply because only female plants deliver marijuana. Male hemp plants, however, are only interesting for breeders who want to re-produce regular marijuana seeds. For all others, male cannabis plants are just a waste of space and time.

As a third category there are autoflowering cannabis seeds, as they are called by most. To German is called the self-blossoming cannabis seeds. There are both regular autoflowering, self-flowered cannabis seeds, and feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds. But what does that mean exactly? Marijuana plants usually bloom depending on the light cycle. That is, when the days get shorter towards the end of the year, cannabis starts to bloom. Autoflowering marijuana seeds, however, follow a set program. Within four to six weeks, cannabis plants from autoflowering cannabis seeds will automatically start to flower. The season or lighting duration are irrelevant for these cannabis plants. This is possible by the targeted breeding of a gene of another cannabis species (Cannabis ruderalis), which occurs in some regions of the world. Autoflowering marijuana seeds are very suitable for beginners, as they are easy to handle, and you can not disturb plants from these cannabis seeds in their flowering cycle, which can have catastrophic consequences for non-self-flowering hemp plants. Particularly interesting autoflowering cannabis seeds are also suitable for outdoor growing in regions whose summers are relatively short (for example: Germany and northern countries). Many cannabis varieties bloom for a very long time and can not ripen until the end, as the temperatures fall too much towards the end of the year and, above all, too little sun shines to achieve a good result. Autoflowering cannabis plants can be sown in May / June and reach their full maturity in midsummer, resulting in fantastic results.