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Under the name Fusarium, a genus of the hose fungus is designated, which affects both young and adult plants and can even theoretically pass to humans. Some subspecies that cause so-called stem and cob rot are also feared by the industrial agricultural sector.
As a rule, the stalks of young hemp plants that have only just grown from the hemp seeds are attacked, causing them to fall over and thus no longer to be saved. When growing indoors, there is little need to worry about Fusarium damage, as Fusarium is found in the absolute majority of cases in outdoor cultivation.
The plant stem just above the ground will begin to brown and rot. If you notice this, it is actually too late, as there is no longer any way to save such an infected hemp plant. In fully grown plants, rust-brown spots appear on the leaves and stems and the affected parts of the plant then wither.
There are not all too many possibilities of prophylaxis. A soil enriched with Trichoderma mushrooms could help stop Fusarium. If you have already had a Fusarium infestation, it is essential to completely dispose of the soil in which the cannabis concerned stood, otherwise the risk of re-infection is too great.
If young hemp plants are affected, there is no chance - a rescue is not possible. Adult specimens could be tried with systemic fungicides. Of course, this is also not the best choice and you have to make sure that the protection period of the fungicide is observed.