Seeds Rearing

Hemp seeds or hemp cuttings, what's better?


In a few countries, hemp cuttings are legal to buy. In Europe, the legal sale of hemp cuttings, also called hemp plants, is limited to Austria.

In the 1990s it was also allowed in Holland to acquire cannabis cuttings. A few grow shops still offer plants under the counter. It is similar in Spain. As a good or known customer, it is possible to buy cannabis cuttings in a few grow shops, but it is not legally there either. In addition, the illegal offer is very limited and the quality at least uncertain, if not questionable.

So, back to Austria, where it is perfectly legal to buy cannabis cuttings. A few suppliers have nearly 100 different varieties on offer. This is still very little in comparison to the variety of hemp seed varieties, but still considerable. Many growers therefore dream of buying cannabis cuttings instead of laboriously sprouting cannabis seeds and surviving the difficult first few weeks. This is the main attraction and advantage of hemp plants: planting, get started. Another undeniable advantage lies in the homogeneity of cuttings. They are cloned and therefore identical. However, here already smears have to be made. All plants, including cuttings, interact with their environment. This means, for example, that different levels of light intensity or uneven casting also cause two completely identical plants to grow differently.

Really problematic when buying hemp cuttings, however, is that you basically do not quite know what you get. Hemp plants in Austria are only allowed as "ornamental plants". This means it must be avoided that the plants produce THC. In plain language: they must not be flowered. Accordingly, lean is the information that you get to the respective plants. Furthermore, and this is really serious, many hemp plants are contaminated and carry fungi and / or pests. Especially popular: mildew and spider mites. Thrips are also included. The diseases and pests show up only with advanced development of the plant, which then usually puts the growers in front of big challenges. Therefore, caution is advised when buying hemp plants.

Which brings us to the advantages of hemp seed. Cannabis seeds are 100% pest and fungus free. There is a huge variety of different varieties that are almost always available - and completely legal. With feminized cannabis seeds no plant is lost. This used to be a major argument for cuttings. Half of the sprouted seeds developed into male plants, which had to be sorted out after the first flower formation. People who grow regularly, selected a "mother plant" so as not to have to deal with female and male plants from seeds again and again. With feminized cannabis seeds this problem is solved. There are numerous varieties that grow similarly as cuttings. The big advantage here is that plants from seeds are generally more productive than clones. Cuttings of cannabis plants always have a yield loss of approximately 30% compared to seed-grown plants. This means that the cuttings of a plant grown from a hemp seed yielding 100g result in only 70g. A bitter loss.

In addition, autoflowering cannabis seeds have become increasingly popular in recent years. Especially for outdoor growing, these varieties are very good. But they also grow well indoors. From autoflowering cannabis plants, no cuttings can win, or it makes no sense, since they would start to bloom even during the roots.

So there are many good reasons for choosing cannabis seeds instead of hemp cuttings or hemp plants.