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Outdoor knowledge: Until when can autoflowering cannabis seeds be sowed outside?


Autoflowering cannabis seeds are, as the name implies, autoflowering cannabis seeds. Of course, not the seeds bloom, but the cannabis plants that grow from it. This makes this type of marijuana seed so attractive for outdoor growing in countries like Germany or even further north. Basically, you only need 10 weeks of summer to achieve very good results with autoflowering cannabis seeds. The best time in Germany to sow autoflowering cannabis seeds is in early June. At this time of year it is definitely warm enough to give the plants a good start. In addition, it is already summer and both temperature and sunlight are optimal for the plants to thrive.  Started in early June, most varieties are ready for harvest in early to mid-August and are guaranteed to deliver top results. But how is it, if you sow later? 

In Germany, it is not a problem if you only start to grow outdoors at the end of June or the beginning of July. Hemp plants autoflowering cannabis seeds will still be ready-flowering in time, as their entire lifecycle is usually around the 70 days. If you actually start sowing at the end of July, it is advisable to use autoflowering varieties that have a very short life cycle. For example, Fast Seeds # 2 from Sweet Seeds needs just 53 days from sowing to the end of flowering. If you use autoflowering varieties that are so short flowering, you are on the safe side with sowing until the beginning of August, as the flowering is completed at the end of September.