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Powdery mildew


Hated by many breeders, powdery mildew is unfortunately no stranger to cannabis growers either. It attacks leaves, stems and flowers and can spread over the entire cultivation area in no time at all. Powdery mildew first appears on leaves that are around two to three weeks old.
The damage caused by powdery mildew is immense. If it is not successfully combated immediately after it is discovered, leaves and flowers immediately turn into plant waste. The best way to combat powdery mildew is during the growth phase. When it comes to harvesting marijuana, combating it is very difficult.
Powdery mildew is easy to identify because the leaves look like snow is on them. These white and silver spots can appear in different sizes. The fungus then spreads further on stems and flowers. Unfortunately, while the powder looks like it is easy to shake off, this is not a known way to get rid of powdery mildew.
If good air circulation is guaranteed in the grow area, the risk of mold infestation such as powdery mildew can be significantly reduced. Inside, there is also the option to filter the air that flows into the grow room. As a further prophylactic option, neem oil can be used on the plants.
First of all, infected leaves, flowers or even entire plants must be removed. Since it is important to ensure that the mold does not spread too much into the air, the affected parts or plants can be packed in plastic bags before cutting. Then you use neem oil or a chemical product from specialist retailers, for example from Compo.