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Scale insects


Scale insects (Coccoidea) are insects. There are thousands of species, but fewer than a hundred in Europe. They especially like warm temperatures, where they are only too happy to reproduce. From the excretions of aphids, tons of shellac were and still are produced annually, from which records were made for decades.
The scale insects also harm the hemp plants by consuming their sap. The larvae migrate along the shoots and leaves of the cannabis, excreting honeydew, in order to seek out parts of the plant to become at home. They prefer warm and dark places, for example the internodes.
The animals are usually one to six millimeters tall and are actually called scale insects because their body looks like a shield. The males are winged. The females are not - in many species they are even completely immobile and permanently stay in their chosen place, where they lay huge amounts of eggs.
Scale insects are more likely to occur outdoors, where there are not too many prophylaxis options. However, scale insects often appear in already weakened cannabis plants and seedlings - one more reason to ensure proper care and hygienic handling. If possible, a place that is as bright and cool as possible would also help, if practicable.
If the infestation is not too big, you can wipe or spray the plants with pure water, soapy water or other home remedies. Beneficial organisms such as ladybugs, lacewings and parasitic wasps also help. If the infestation is glaring, you have to consult the specialist retailer to purchase a preparation. The big brand names (e.g. Bayer, Celaflor, Neudorff) all help reliably.