Seeds Prices

Why are cannabis seeds so expensive?


First of all: At Linda Seeds you get quality hemp seeds for just three euros in a single package. In larger packages even much cheaper. Nevertheless, this price is still very high compared to a pack of tomato seeds from the hardware store. Hemp seeds from well-known manufacturers are also located at prices between five and twelve euros - so again a significant amount higher. Packages with several seeds are then in the ratio of course cheaper, but still anything but a bargain - so at least many growers. So why are not cannabis seeds much cheaper if a single large and vital plant can ideally produce hundreds of seeds? Two reasons are decisive for the supposedly high price of marijuana seeds.  Probably the most important is that most cannabis seeds are produced in illegality or at least in a legal gray area. The associated uncertainty, if necessary, also sensitive penalties, of course, drive up the price. It does not even concern that there are too few seeds in the market and that demand exceeds supply. It's just that the conditions of manufacture are fragile and cost a lot to reimport. It takes a lot of time and space to develop a variety. And this under the constant threat that the project flies up and much of the work is in vain. Cannabis cultivation is time-consuming, and in many circumstances dangerous. Of course, the breeders want to pay for that.

Another reason why hemp seeds are so expensive is, of course, their great benefit for the customer. There are probably only a few products that can achieve such extreme added value. Even who buys a Porsche under the cannabis seeds, so an extremely expensive variety from a well-known manufacturer, and paid for a package with ten seeds almost 200 euros, provided properly grown provided within a few weeks alone from a seed of this package the multiple equivalent. If you were to buy the same amount of cannabis in a Cannabis Social Club, a coffee shop, or even through illegal sources, that would cost you many times over. Apart from that, the choice of cannabis strains is ridiculously low compared to the selection of seeds.

On closer inspection, cannabis seeds are not that expensive, even if it looks like that at first glance.