Spring time is outdoor time
Spring time is outdoor time
March 1 marks the meteorological start of spring in the northern hemisphere. While people in countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland or the northern United States are still freezing their asses off at this time, people in countries further south like Spain, Italy or Greece are already enjoying the sun and temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius. Whether it's 20 or two degrees, springtime means getting ready for the outdoor grow season. And even if in some places it is still too early to plant your plants or even germinate seeds, you should start preparing yourself and get everything you need for a successful outdoor grow.
Indispensable: seeds and jiffys
Without seeds there are no plants, so you should think about what kind of seeds you need. In any case, to germinate the seeds properly, you should get yourself Jiffy 7 peat swell pots. They contain all the essential nutrients for the first days of the seedling and are also sterilized, so they do not carry harmful germs that could attack the seed or seedling. They are easy to use, making them suitable for beginners and professionals alike. 
Jiffy Grow Pots
Large selection - which variety is well suited for outdoor cultivation?
The question of which variety and which type of seed you want to grow depends on various factors, such as the specific location, the region and your personal preference, to name just a few. In regions with long summers, you can grow virtually any strain outdoors. No matter what strain, it will be finished flowering by late fall at the latest. However, this is of little use to outdoor growers in northern regions such as Central or Northern Europe, who need to be able to harvest by the end of September at the latest, before it gets too wet and too cold and the plant may still have immature and underdeveloped buds that are neither resinous nor particularly tasty or potent. Fortunately, there are plenty of outdoor strains that are suitable for any climate. 
Autoflowering strains work anytime, anywhere
Autoflowering, autoflowering or "auto strains" just work anywhere. Whether in northern Germany, southernmost Spain, Scandinavia or the equator. The reason is the reduced life cycle of these varieties. Once germinated, they follow their internal clock and, depending on the variety, are ready for harvesting no later than three months after germination. For outdoor cultivation, this has the unbeatable advantage that these strains also thrive in short summers as well as in long summers, you just have to wait for the right time of sowing. Normally in the northern hemisphere this is in May to June, then the plants have enough time to develop well and are already ready for harvest at the end of July or mid-August. The small disadvantage of autoflowering varieties grown outdoors is that they have a lower yield than light-dependent varieties. They also remain much smaller than their sisters, which again does not have to be a disadvantage. There are a variety of auto strains, there is practically something for everyone. No matter if Indica, Sativa, much or little THC, high yield, low yield, expensive or cheap. You will find 500 autoflowering strains on our site from many different breeders like Sweet Seeds, Sensi Seeds or High Speed Buds. If you feel overwhelmed we recommend our own Auto Strains which are very good and cheap, especially our Auto Do Si Dos or Auto Gorilla Glue have proven themselves, but also classics like Auto White Widow and Auto Afghan Skunk are really good and reliable strains.
Outdoor Weed Growing
Especially fast flowering strains, Fast Flowering, Fast Version or Early Harvest
A relatively recent development in cannabis seed breeding are extra fast flowering strains. They are often labeled "Fast Flowering", "Fast Version" or "Early Harvest" and differ from other strains by their reduced flowering time. However, they are not auto-flowering varieties, but are light-dependent and require a reduction in light hours to begin flowering. They are bred either by deliberate selection of plants of a particular variety that stand out by a short flowering, or recessive autoflowering genes are crossed into the plants, which ensure that they have a stronger flowering impulse and are flowered earlier. For outdoor grows, this means that these strains finish flowering by mid to late September at the latest, making them perfect for getting good outdoor harvests in countries like Germany or even further north. The development of "fast flowering" strains has greatly expanded the spectrum of strains that can be grown outdoors in cooler regions. One of the most popular strains last year was Tropicanna Position F1 Fast Version from Sweet Seeds. But also other manufacturers have now some particularly fast varieties in the offer. World of Seeds with Amnesia Early Harvest or Fast Buds with Purple Lemonade Fast Flowering, to name just two. Fast strains hardly differ from "normal" strains, except that they flower faster and have a stronger flowering impulse. In addition, they usually don't grow quite as tall, reaching around 2 meters at most outdoors. They therefore yield a bit less than their not-so-fast-flowering sisters. However, this won't matter much when growing outdoors.
Outdoor classics
Besides the autoflowering and fast flowering varieties, there are a lot of outdoor classics. These are strains that partly date back to the early 1990s and have been grown millions of times. These strains were developed almost exclusively in the Netherlands, at a time when it was still legal to grow cannabis for seed production there. However, these are not relics from the gray past, but truly proven strains that have been bred to be reliably grown outdoors in cooler climates like the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. They come from seed banks like Dutch Passion, Sensi Seeds, Serious Seeds or KC Brains. True bedrock of the cannabis scene, but their genetics reliably deliver good yields and quality to this day. Among these classics are strains like Hollands Hope, a wonderful Indica variety that delivers compact resinous flowers at the end of September. Or KC 33, behind whose cryptic name lies a 100% outdoor hybrid yield bomb. Or Early Skunk, a particularly fast flowering Skunk#1 variety. Or Biddy Early, a very early flowering, sativa dominant variety with a balanced high suitable for everyday use. Other varieties of this type are Easy Sativa or Durban, both fast flowering sativas, Early Top Skunk, a cheap Early Skunk variant, Afghan Kush, a 100% indica, as well as Maroc, an indica from the Moroccan Rif mountains or Purple#1, an Afghani cross. All these varieties can be harvested by the end of September at the latest, have been in demand for years and reliably deliver very good results. Both in terms of quality and quantity, these outdoor classics are an excellent choice and thrive splendidly practically anytime and anywhere. 
White Widow Outdoor
Growing, but where?
In addition to the flowering period of the plants, which must match the region where you want to grow, the specific location is of course enormously important. If you have a large, sunny garden that is out of sight and no one bothers with your cultivation, you have free choice. Any type of seed and variety will work for you. It is similar with a guerrilla grow in the wild. It is different if you want to grow on your terrace or balcony. Here, more discretion may be required. In principle, you can also grow all varieties here. However, you should take into account that outdoor classics grow larger and more sprawling than fast varieties or autoflowering varieties. This means that you have to prune and care for them so that they do not grow too large. It's a similar story with fast varieties. For discrete growing, autoflowering strains are best because they don't grow as tall due to their limited lifespan, which is preferable in a "limited" setting. Whatever you decide, all the presented seeds will perform flawlessly outdoors and will give you a lot of fun and pleasure in every way. 
Plant a seed - get your Weed!
Indica vs. Sativa: differences and effects of cannabis
These two cannabis strains: Sativa and Indica are used for both medical treatments and recreational use. What are the differences between the two and what are the effects of cannabis in general? Find out everything you need to know.
Despite the popular benefits of both indica and sativa cannabis, many people still confuse their properties, goals, and dosages. Let's find out together the reasons for the increasing use of these cannabis strains and the main distinguishing features between them. 
Finally, we will look at the desirable effects of cannabis, the effects on our bodies and some precautions. 
The differences between Sativa vs. Indica
In order to understand the differences to keep in mind between these two varieties of cannabis flowers, we will divide this section into five different sections:
The appearance and size
Easily you can recognize a sativa plant by its size, which is far above that of indica. Sativa can reach a length of 6 feet in some cases. The indica variety can reach 90 cm only in very special cases. Another aesthetic difference lies in the tips of these plants. The sativa has long and thin buds. In contrast, Indicas form dense clusters of flowers that are closer to the plant's nodes.
Flowering and production yield
Flowering time and production results are quite different between these two cannabis strains. The sativa tends to take more time to flower (estimated between 60 and 90 days). The growth is shorter compared to the indica variety. This one is more productive when estimating the total yield at the end of the cultivation. 
The origins of the two varieties
While the sativa tends to grow around the equator and thus in countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and other African countries, the indica tends to grow at higher altitudes and can be found in Nepal, Turkey, Afghanistan or Morocco (under the name hashish).
Indica vs. Sativa Origins
The effects of cannabis 
If you think they are the same effects, then after this paragraph we leave you to judge. The marijuana seed will always surprise you. As for the therapeutic effects, the indica has better analgesic, sedative or tranquilizing effects, while the sativa is known for its high THC content compared to CBD. For people looking for more of a recreational effect, the feeling is not the same. Sativa stands out for its boosting and stimulating profile. Indica aims more for relaxation and a calming "chill" effect. Sativa is therefore appreciated at parties, in groups or during activities, while indicas are used for consumption in solo mode, among friends and increasingly - get this - among lovers and couples. 
The aromas
The smell of sativa is known to be less strong than that of the indica variety, remaining inconspicuous during germination and until drying. As for the taste, Sativa is characterized by a mixture of fruity flavors. With Indica, it's more of a woody flavor, a woody taste that's easy to distinguish even if you consume the best feminized strains you can find on a website where you can order cannabis seeds.
Sativa vs. indica: How do you consume them? 
You can, after growing the indica seeds or certain "sativa seeds", consume them in different forms:
In the classic way, smoking the flowers that you can find in online seed stores. 
  • Add the substances to your diet (cookies, gummy bears, cakes ...etc.). 
  • Vaporize with a vaporizer. 
Vaporizing and smoking quickly leads to an effect compared to the edible way. However, supplements and gourmet goodies are better to avoid unwanted effects of smoking.
Edible products, on the other hand, are not guaranteed to have an effect until a certain point. So it's up to you to choose the right method depending on your situation, patience and environment (party, vacation, festival ...etc.). 
Sativa vs. Indica: effects and differences to consider
If you are looking for recreational use, the feeling will be different between the two types. Sativa is preferable during the day or if you're planning a fairly dynamic evening. Indica is more appropriate for a quiet, relaxing evening. Indicas contain more CBD compared to sativas. The chemical components remain numerous in both types and require a separate article on this complex topic. 
Here are some side effects to watch out for so you can lower the dose and possibly seek medical help if needed: 
  • Low blood pressure
  • A faster-than-average heartbeat
  • An increasingly dry mouth
  • dry eyes
  • Occurrence of dizziness
These effects are more associated with THC, as opposed to the CBD molecule. Note that regardless of the strain of your cannabis, side effects are possible and it is your responsibility to monitor them. 
Sativa vs. Indica: Practical Tips 
The method of consumption
Prefer methods that are away from your lungs to spare your respiratory system. If you suffer from respiratory problems, allergies, or asthma, we recommend consulting your doctor if you have any concerns or discomfort caused by your first doses of cannabis. 
The THC dose 
If you're a beginner looking for cannabis seeds, you should pay special attention to the THC content to keep it as low as possible. If you look for products with a lower content, you will avoid psychoactive effects and aim for positive effects instead. We strongly recommend that you choose the CBD content over the THC content. If you're just starting your adventure, you should use cookies, gum, or something similar that you enjoy and make you feel safe and in control. 
If the subject interests you, don't hesitate to consult your family doctor, who can advise and inform you about the dangers, benefits and properties of each type of cannabis: Indica or Sativa?
Tropicanna Cookies: characteristics, genetics and origins
Tropicanna Cookies: characteristics, genetics and origins
Tropicanna Cookies is a plant that was originally bred by Oni Seeds, an American seed bank, but unfortunately is no longer available. Therefore, Linda Seeds has developed its own line with a US Tropicanna Cookies Cut, which is in no way inferior to the "original". Tropicanna Cookies comes from a cross between Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies. She is a hybrid plant with a slight sativa dominance, and adapts well to all types of growing environments, as she can be grown both outdoors and indoors. Tropicana Cookies also has the advantage of being able to be grown both hydroponically and in soil, so the possibilities are multiplied.
Effect and taste of Tropicanna Cookies
There are several aspects that make this plant very attractive to those who like aromatic, terpene-rich varieties with a fresher note. First of all, the characteristic sour taste and the aroma so typical of this variety, with strong citrus notes, are two main features of Tropicanna Cookies. The " Tangie influence " is also noticeable in the mouth and nose, although to a lesser extent. The plant is also rich in creamy nuances, and Girl Scout Cookies has its share in this, giving it a wide range of intense aromas that are noticeable both olfactorily and in taste. For this very reason, Tropicanna Cookies is a good choice for consumers who are looking for a creamy, biscuit-like flavor note with strong citrus notes. As for the effect, you have to be honest and admit that Tropicanna Cookies offers one of the strongest effects you can experience. The euphoria it induces is balanced throughout and provides a long-lasting sense of well-being that will help you leave your everyday life behind and allow you to focus entirely on the here and now. The fact that Tropicanna Cookies contains almost equal parts sativa and indica makes this strain one of the top plants with a pleasant "happy-stoned" effect that is very strong but not completely knock-off.
Growing Tropicanna Cookies indoors and outdoors
As described at the outset, Tropicanna Cookies can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It is a very versatile plant that grows very well with little maintenance, so it does not require exceptional care to produce good results. Growers love Tropicanna Cookies because it grows so high yielding and 500g per m2 indoors or 500g per plant outdoors is the bare minimum it achieves. With more care and a little more expert knowledge, 600g or more per m2 can be achieved. When grown in the garden or outdoors, Tropicanna Cookies is ready for harvest in the northern hemisphere around mid-October. For European growers north of the Alps it will be difficult to finish flowering this strain, depending on the region. In a protected environment, however, this should also be possible. With the beginning of the ripening process, the leaves develop a characteristic dark green to purple color, which is particularly strong and representative of the overall condition of the plant. Large branches are formed, which support the formation of buds. Tropicanna Cookies is a plant that is suitable for cultivation by experts in cannabis cultivation, as well as for beginners who have never come into contact with this variety. Usually, it is advisable to use methods such as SOG or SCROG, which in most cases provide the best results. A key feature of Tropicanna Cookies is that it can then easily produce up to 600 grams of buds. This amount of buds is one reason why its fruity aroma is so striking. The grow tent is simply packed with fat buds!
Tropicanna Cookies Outdoor
Growing Tropicanna Cookies indoors
What can succeed outdoors if you live in the right region, will always succeed indoors with Tropicanna Cookies! Grown indoors or in a grow tent, this strain grows vigorously and has an above average stretch. You should therefore start her flowering at already 20 cm, so that the plants are 80-100 cm tall by the end. This recommendation is for a 600-1000W HPS or equivalent 400-600W LED lamps per m2. You will get a harvest of 1g per watt in any case, depending on skill and equipment even much more. Another important point is that when grown indoors, the plant will develop many lateral branches that should be removed, depending on the setting and growing technique, or alternatively, fewer plants per m2 can be placed. Tropicanna Cookies is mature after a good 8 weeks, to get a more intense terpene production and to let the tropical-zirus-heavy notes mature, the strain can also be left for a few days longer - according to your own taste.  By the end of the flowering period, Tropicanna Cookies has developed beautiful, often purple, extremely resinous buds that have a "popcorn" structure on some plants.
Tropicanna Cookies Indoor
Terpene structure and aroma of Tropicanna Cookies Weed
The intense terpenes that give Tropicanna Cookies a strong citrus note also carry over to the flavor when vaporized or smoked. Almost all the characteristics of the complex aroma are preserved, characterizing the strong and fruity nature of this weed. Through complex and exceptionally strong citrus undertones with a subtle sour note from the Tangie and the slightly creamy sweet impact of the Cookies, Tropicana Cookies is often considered a very "orange" strain, going back to classics like Orange Bud. Through the parent "Tangie, are certainly still traces of this classic contained, but nothing more. Tropicanna Cookies forms a new, more complex and delicious flavor profile by crossing its parent plants. This in combination with colorful, resinous "popcorn buds", making Tropicanna Cookies an exceptional and in every way special plant that no grower should miss in his grow tent!


Gray mold rot



Another "classic" among cannabis growers. Gray mold rot - or simply gray mold or gray rot - is a plant disease that is caused by the mold Botrytis cinerea. What is particularly common about gray mold rot is that it mainly focuses on the cannabis flowers and acts from the inside out.




The flowers are attacked from the inside and literally rot. That's not how you get marijuana. The damage is usually great, as it is often only discovered when the gray mold rot has already caused a lot. Also, only large-scale pruning or even removing entire hemp plants helps, which can result in severe crop losses.




At first it is not easy to spot gray mold rot, as it begins inside the hemp flowers. The buds will take on various brownish-gray tones until they have fought their way to the outside, which at the latest will reveal the rot. The flowers then already look such that hardly anyone would even think of consuming them.%%umbruch%%prophylaxis


The best prevention against Botrytis cinerea consists in good general care of the plants and plants as well as taking all hygienic measures to keep everything in good condition. If the temperature, humidity and air conditions are kept in optimal condition, the risk to the weed should be quite low.




The removal of gray mold rot is unpleasant, because it only helps to cut away the affected areas over a large area - in case of doubt, even entire cannabis plants have to be lost. The consumption of such poisoned marijuana should not be considered under any circumstances.




Under the name Fusarium, a genus of the hose fungus is designated, which affects both young and adult plants and can even theoretically pass to humans. Some subspecies that cause so-called stem and cob rot are also feared by the industrial agricultural sector.




As a rule, the stalks of young hemp plants that have only just grown from the hemp seeds are attacked, causing them to fall over and thus no longer to be saved. When growing indoors, there is little need to worry about Fusarium damage, as Fusarium is found in the absolute majority of cases in outdoor cultivation.




The plant stem just above the ground will begin to brown and rot. If you notice this, it is actually too late, as there is no longer any way to save such an infected hemp plant. In fully grown plants, rust-brown spots appear on the leaves and stems and the affected parts of the plant then wither.%%umbruch%%prophylaxis


There are not all too many possibilities of prophylaxis. A soil enriched with Trichoderma mushrooms could help stop Fusarium. If you have already had a Fusarium infestation, it is essential to completely dispose of the soil in which the cannabis concerned stood, otherwise the risk of re-infection is too great.




If young hemp plants are affected, there is no chance - a rescue is not possible. Adult specimens could be tried with systemic fungicides. Of course, this is also not the best choice and you have to make sure that the protection period of the fungicide is observed.

Spider mites



The spider mites, usually no more than half a millimeter in size, do not have their name wrongly, as they are related to the spiders and they belong to the mites. The two most common spider mite species found in cannabis cultivation are the common spider mite and the fruit tree spider mite, also known as the red spider.




Spider mites are sucking pests that deprive cannabis plants of their juice and thus their energy. This leads to impaired growth. Spider mites are mostly concentrated on leaves. Larger populations weave fine and firm nets. They can also transmit other plant diseases.




The first signs of spider mites, which usually move on the underside of the leaves, are bright spots on the leaves. Spider mites usually attack the leaves in the lower area first. Their colors can vary, but they are easily distinguished from other troublemakers by their eight legs. Their networks can also help identify them.%%umbruch%%prophylaxis


A very effective and popular oil against spider mites is neem oil, which can also be used against other sucking pests. When growing cannabis indoors, all air openings can be fitted with fine filters. It also helps to wear different clothing in the grow room than outside. In addition to the hemp plants, you could also create a place for insectivores, for example tall grass.




The earlier you discover spider mites, the better it is for the marijuana. Your own biological agent can be made with cinnamon and cloves. If possible, you should increase the humidity in the grow room. You can use the natural enemies of the spider mites, such as ladybugs, lacewings or the predatory mite. If you want to rely on organic products, those from Neudorff are again recommended. In the event of the most catastrophic infestation, the only thing left is advice in the specialist shop regarding the choice of chemical club.

Buy cannabis seeds from Linda-Seeds.com

For more than a decade, Linda-Seeds has strived to offer you the best cannabis seeds. And this both in terms of the selection as well as the quality and freshness of our cannabis seeds. Not only do we want to present you the whole range of new breeds, and offer you the most successful classics of the most popular cannabis varieties, but we also want to make sure that ideally 100% of the cannabis seeds we offer germinate successfully!%%weiterlesen%%

Your success is our goal

Your harvest success is our motivation, because we know about the concerns and possible negative experiences you might have from your own practice as a grower. It has always been and remains our goal to be the best source of supply for you for successful cannabis cultivation. Quality, price, advice as well as fast, anonymous and discrete delivery are the parameters we are constantly striving to optimize for you.

Buy cannabis seeds at Linda-Seeds - your trust pays off for you

With your support, we have earned great trust from our customers as well as from our suppliers and can now rely on the very good cooperation with well over 80 of the most popular cannabis seed breeders. Thanks to the good relations we have the opportunity to achieve very competitive prices, which we pass on directly to you. With Linda-Seeds you should not only have fun with the cultivation of the plants and the harvest, but also gain a monetary advantage when you buy cannabis seeds from us!

Selection of cannabis seed varieties

In our well-assorted range of over 2,500 cannabis seed varieties, you will find regular and feminised cannabis seeds as well as modern self-flowering varieties (autoflowering) for outdoor or indoor cultivation.

Regular cannabis seed varieties

If you order regular seeds, you will usually get about 50% male and 50% female plants, which corresponds to the natural genetics of the plants.

Feminized cannabis seed varieties

Female cannabis seeds are special cannabis seed varieties that do not contain male chromosomes, which led to the great success of feminised cannabis seeds, as the THC content of female flowers is many times higher.

Autoflowering cannabis seed varieties

Autoflowering cannabis seeds, i.e. self-flowering varieties, are especially exciting for less experienced growers. They are easy to handle thanks to the Ruderalis factor. Autoflowering cannabis seeds flower independently of light and temperature fluctuations and follow a fixed time interval. If you want to buy cannabis seeds that forgive your own mistakes, then you are well served with self-flowering plants. Although their yield is less high, you get a plant that is more resistant to cold, infections and pests.

Cannabis seed genera

Cannabis plants can basically be divided into 2 genera. These are described as Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that there is also the Cannabis Ruderalis, although it is still disputed among botanists whether this is really an independent subspecies of the genus cannabis.

Indica-Cannabis seeds

The real origins of Sativa and Indica are still not clearly defined. The common theory is that Indicas come from higher altitudes where the air is thin and water sparse. This is why their characteristics can be described as short and stocky, with shorter and thicker leaves that store water better.%%umbruch%%Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Turkey are typical areas of origin. The plants have adapted to the often harsh, dry and turbulent climate of the Hindu Kush mountains. Indicas are typically associated with whole body effects, such as increasing deep relaxation and reducing insomnia.

Sativa-Cannabis Seeds

The original home of the Sativa seems to have been lush and humid forests. The humid climates have shaped the evolution of the Sativa with correspondingly thinner, long stems and longer, narrow leaves, allowing for better breathing and oxygen uptake in such regions. These include Africa, Central America, South East Asia and the western parts of Asia. Sativas are known for their "head-high", invigorating and energizing effects that can help reduce anxiety or stress and increase creativity and concentration.

Hybrid-Cannabis Seeds

Every year, cannabis growers produce new and unique strains from different combinations of parent plants. These cannabis hybrids are often grown to achieve specific effects. They try to cross desired positive characteristics of Sativa and Indica parent plants and combine them in a new cannabis strain.

Of course you can buy all three genera at Linda-Seeds, far more than 2000 different varieties are available. By using our selection search mask, you can buy cannabis seeds specifically and identify the seeds that best match both your preferred growing conditions and your desired effect.

Medicinal cannabis seeds

Medical cannabis seeds are also described as CBD cannabis seed varieties. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance extracted from the cannabis or marijuana plant. As more and more people want to try CBD in order to test whether their complaints such as pain, insomnia or depressive moods can be alleviated with cannabidiol, CBD cannabis seeds are gaining in popularity. Medical cannabis seeds have thus become increasingly important in recent years. Many customers are less concerned about high THC values when they buy cannabis seeds, but health aspects play more and more a central role.

Cannabidiol (CBD) - positive effects on health

Research in cannabis medicine is still in its infancy. The positive properties of Cannabidiol (CBD) are currently being investigated for use in chronic pain, cramps, migraine, arthritis and inflammation of all kinds, in epilepsy and for killing malignant tumour cells. In countries such as Switzerland, the United States or Israel, CBD is now successfully used for many diseases. The active ingredient is known for its calming, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects and more and more people are also seeing the positive aspects of these medicinal cannabis seeds.

Medical cannabis seed producers

Quite a number of producers and breeders have meanwhile bred a large variety of corresponding seeds. Breeders like Dinafem, The Cali Connection, Serious Seeds, Sensi Seeds or Dutch Passion already offer such medicinal cannabis seeds. Breeders such as CBD Crew or Medical Marijuana Genetics are even focusing on these cannabis strains, as it has been recognized that CBD also has a positive influence on the effects of THC. Currently there are more than 150 CBD strains available at Linda-Seeds, so you are spoilt for choice when you buy cannabis seeds with CBD genetics from us.

Ordering process of Cannabis Seeds

Anyone who wants to order and plant cannabis seeds still has to struggle with the fact that in the vast majority of regions in the world, cultivation still has to be done illegally. Many therefore use the black market to buy and order cannabis seeds. Unfortunately without knowing where the cannabis seeds come from or if the quality of the seeds is guaranteed.%%weiterlesen%%

Linda-Seeds wants to be your trustworthy contact person for all aspects of cannabis seed purchase. You can order cannabis seeds that are regular, feminised, autoflowering (self-flowering) as well as CBD (medical) from us.

Above all we pay attention that

  • all personal data will be treated absolutely confidential and will never be given to third parties!
  • all cannabis seeds arrive as fresh as possible. We guarantee the ideal intermediate storage and try to keep the delivery times from the growers to us and to you as short as possible.
  • we pass on to our customers favourable purchase possibilities from the breeders.


Your marijuana seeds order

A. The ordering process at Linda-Seeds

There are basically two ways to order marijuana seeds in our online shop.

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Here you can change the shipping address if necessary and decide whether we should deliver your cannabis seeds in the original packaging of the breeder or rather in a neutral packaging.%%umbruch%%Now please choose the shipping method, you have a number of possibilities to get your cannabis seeds delivered fast and safely. If you order cannabis seeds in a larger quantity, we strongly recommend the more expensive but insured shipping!

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PK 13/14: Curse and blessing too equal!

If you want to grow cannabis, today you will find a variety of specialized fertilizers that are adapted to marijuana plants. In addition to these basic fertilizers, which contain the key ingredients for healthy plant growth and abundant flowering, there are plenty more products designed to enhance and promote the growth of cannabis plants. Starting with root stimulators, which promise a faster rooting of young plants into the medium, vitamins and hormones, there are flower stimulators that have a positive influence on the development of flowering. There are now many of these products in different composition and concentration. The classic among them is PK 13/14 (phosphorus / potassium), known for many years and used by many cannabis breeders. %%weiterlesen%%PK 13/14 has an undeniable effect and, if used correctly, can provide significant increases in yield. This is the blessing given by PK 13/14! On the other hand, PK13 / 14 can do exactly the opposite. Excessive addition of PK 13/14 inhibits flowering and prevents further plant growth. It is particularly tricky that different cannabis strains react very differently to the addition of PK 13/14. While some varieties graciously put away a possible overdose of the additive, it comes with other varieties first halted flowering. Unfortunately, this lost time can no longer be made up, as the flowering cycle does not lengthen when it stops, but the plant simply has fewer flowers at the end. %%umbruch%%This can be a loss of 20%, without really knowing why it was, because the plants actually look lush green, have great flowers and have no burns of over-fertilization. Another phenomenon of excessive PK 13/14 addition is gray mold in the flowers. Giving PK 13/14 over too long a period of time (even if it is relatively low) increases the likelihood of mold forming in the flowers at the end of the flowering phase, given otherwise good climatic conditions in the room. Use PK 13/14 with great caution. Do not take more than 1/3 of the manufacturer's recommended dose and do not give it more than five to a maximum of seven days. On hydro or coconut cultures, keep the EC value of the effluent in the eye, if possible. If he starts to overly increase, end the addition of PK 13/14. While giving PK 13/14, it is best to reduce the amount of fertilizer so that the EC value stays at the same level. Also important is the time of addition of PK 13/14. Pay attention to the development of your plants. The flowers should already be strong and have covered the shoot tips, but not yet be too compact. This stage is usually reached after the fourth to fifth week of flowering. If you begin a modest addition of PK 13/14 at this stage, this addition can work wonders!

Cannabis seeds or cannabis cuttings, what's better?

In a few countries, cannabis cuttings are legal to buy. In Europe, the legal sale of weed cuttings, also called cannabis plants, is limited to Austria.

In the 1990s it was also allowed in Holland to acquire cannabis cuttings. A few grow shops still offer plants under the counter. It is similar in Spain. As a good or known customer, it is possible to buy cannabis cuttings in a few grow shops, but it is not legally there either. In addition, the illegal offer is very limited and the quality at least uncertain, if not questionable.%%weiterlesen%%

So, back to Austria, where it is perfectly legal to buy cannabis cuttings. A few suppliers have nearly 100 different varieties on offer. This is still very little in comparison to the variety of cannabis seed varieties, but still considerable. Many growers therefore dream of buying cannabis cuttings instead of laboriously sprouting cannabis seeds and surviving the difficult first few weeks. This is the main attraction and advantage of marijuana plants: planting, get started. Another undeniable advantage lies in the homogeneity of cuttings. They are cloned and therefore identical. However, here already smears have to be made. All plants, including cuttings, interact with their environment. This means, for example, that different levels of light intensity or uneven casting also cause two completely identical plants to grow differently.

Really problematic when buying cannabis cuttings, however, is that you basically do not quite know what you get.  plants in Austria are only allowed as "ornamental plants". This means it must be avoided that the plants produce THC. In plain language: they must not be flowered. Accordingly, lean is the information that you get to the respective plants. Furthermore, and this is really serious, many marijuana plants are contaminated and carry fungi and / or pests. Especially popular: mildew and spider mites. Thrips are also included. The diseases and pests show up only with advanced development of the plant, which then usually puts the growers in front of big challenges. Therefore, caution is advised when buying cannabis plants.%%umbruch%%Which brings us to the advantages of cannabis seed. Cannabis seeds are 100% pest and fungus free. There is a huge variety of different varieties that are almost always available - and completely legal. With feminized cannabis seeds no plant is lost. This used to be a major argument for cuttings. Half of the sprouted seeds developed into male plants, which had to be sorted out after the first flower formation. People who grow regularly, selected a "mother plant" so as not to have to deal with female and male plants from seeds again and again. With feminized cannabis seeds this problem is solved. There are numerous varieties that grow similarly as cuttings. The big advantage here is that plants from seeds are generally more productive than clones. Cuttings of cannabis plants always have a yield loss of approximately 30% compared to seed-grown plants. This means that the cuttings of a plant grown from a cannabis seed yielding 100g result in only 70g. A bitter loss.

In addition, autoflowering cannabis seeds have become increasingly popular in recent years. Especially for outdoor growing, these varieties are very good. But they also grow well indoors. From autoflowering cannabis plants, no cuttings can win, or it makes no sense, since they would start to bloom even during the roots.

So there are many good reasons for choosing cannabis seeds instead of cannabis cuttings or marijuana plants.

How to dose THC correctly: How much is useful, what is too much?

First of all: the general dosage recommendation for THC does not exist! First of all, one's own body is the deciding factor, which is too little and too much. However, there are some recommendations regarding the dosage of marijuana & Co. that can help and provide guidance. They are, so to speak, a starting point for finding your own, perfect high.

THC is the common abbreviation for tetrahydrocannabinol, the most popular ingredient in cannabis. Special attention is paid to this cannabinoid due to its strong psychoactive effect. It is only one of many - the Cannabis plant contains another 60 cannabinoids with a similar effect.%%weiterlesen%%

THC affects at least two receptors in the human body during consumption. Receptors are proteins or protein complexes that can receive signals from the outside, which in turn trigger processes inside the cell. Among other things, receptors are located in the nervous and immune cells, the digestive system or the heart and lungs. THC affects the transmission of signals and thus acts on the nervous system. Euphoria, relaxation, pain relief, altered perception or feelings of happiness can be the result.

The effect of cannabis is influenced by several factors. Depending on the frequency of consumption, the cannabis variety, dosage form, type of intake, as well as mental and physical condition of the consumers, the high falls or weaker. This makes it clear: there are no general guidelines for the dosage of marijuana & Co. It is important to find your own way to successful recreational use.

For a medium cannabis intoxication, a dose of 5 to 10 mg THC is sufficient within 24 hours. When applied to marijuana or hash, this is equivalent to about 0.25 g of marijuana and 0.1 g of dope. Depends, of course, on the variety and the THC content of the grass or hashish. For beginners, a lower dosage is definitely recommended. These may be content with about 2 to 5 mg of THC (within 24 hours). Those who indulge in daily recreational use, however, can expect a THC level from 21 mg. Occasional users are well advised with 11 to 20 mg.

Please note: the quantities refer to a period of 24 hours! Consuming the entire dose at once is not in line with this recommendation and would also be counterproductive in terms of the quality of an enjoyable experience.%%umbruch%%In general, it is better to start modestly and not be tempted to dosing with which you have concerns in advance. Especially as a beginner! No user is the same! Physical and mental condition, individual preferences and limits must be taken into account. A 100 kg man who has a luscious meal will experience his first high otherwise than someone who weighs half as much and has an empty stomach.

In addition, cannabis products are not uniform. Depending on whether they are THC-rich products or CBD-heavier cannabis strains, the effects of marijuana and hashish vary considerably.

Also, it makes a difference which form of cannabis is consumed. The most common is marijuana and hashish. Marijuana, also referred to as grass, is the dried flower that has a THC content of up to 20% and more. Hashish, also referred to as shit or dope, is the resin obtained from hemp flowers and pressed. The THC content is usually between 10 and 35%. With cannabis oil or "rosin", ie isolated extract, much higher values ​​can be achieved.

High influence on the dosage has the kind of ingestion. If cannabis is smoked or vaporized, the effect usually starts immediately or after a few minutes. The intoxication lasts usually one to two hours. The dosage can be controlled relatively well. Those who give only a little marijuana or dope in a joint, whistle or vaporizer and after a few moves find that the effect is too strong can immediately stop consumption. If cannabis is taken orally, for example in the form of biscuits, more caution is required. The dosage is more difficult here for two reasons: on the one hand, the probability of the inhomogeneous distribution of cannabis in the food is very high. One serving may contain weak THC, another strong. On the other hand, the effect only sets in after one to two hours, but leads to a much more intensive and longer lasting intoxication. Delayed onset often leads consumers to unwanted overdosage. If you ask yourself, "Where is my high?", Patience is required! Otherwise it can cause unpleasant effects that can last for several hours.

Undesirable effects of marijuana or hashish that can occur with overdose of THC are circulatory

Germinate cannabis seeds properly!

The first step to successful cannabis cultivation is the germination of seeds. Germinating cannabis seeds is basically relatively easy. It usually takes one to seven days (depending on the freshness of the seeds and cannabis strain) until the marijuana seed opens and sprouts its first root. A few strains (for example, pure Haze varieties) need more time, but are not suitable for beginners anyway, as they are also much more complicated in the rearing. First of all, it is important to bring the marijuana seeds into a moist and warm environment. The optimum temperature for germination is 24 degrees Celsius. Too high a temperature (over 26 degrees) favors the formation of harmful fungi and destroys the seedling. Therefore, it is also very important to keep the hemp seeds moist, but not too wet. Too low a temperature (below 20 degrees) delays the germination and subsequent growth of the seedling. This in turn carries the risk that the seedling dies.%%weiterlesen%%There are many different ways to germinate cannabis seeds. Many breeders recommend that the seeds are first placed in a glass of water for 24 hours to "soften" the shell to be placed in the plant medium. Other breeders recommend placing cannabis seeds between two wet paper towels until the seed coat opens, then place them in the plant medium. These are certainly well-functioning methods.%%umbruch%%

However, we advise beginners to place the cannabis seeds in the plant medium from the beginning. In this way you avoid drowning or damaging the cannabis seeds when you transfer the already germinated seeds into the plant medium. Optimal for germination of hemp seeds are Jiffy 7 peat or coconut pots, stone wool cubes and potting soil (with few nutrients), which is already in a pot. Soak the medium so that it is wet, then drain. If you choose Jiffy 7 swelling pots, use lukewarm water to swell the platelets. This speeds up the process and ensures that the wells are well saturated. Then insert the hemp seeds about 2-4mm deep into the planting medium. Leave the seed used. Make sure you have the right temperature (room temperature is sufficient) and be patient. Resist the temptation to poke around in the medium after half a day and see if something has already happened. You can use it to damage the hemp seed or already sprouted seedling. After only a few days, sometimes even a few hours, the first heads stretch out of the medium. Then the first step is done!